Worldwide program helping children to discover their physical strengths and fall in love with sport

Find the right
sport for all children

Do you want to find their talent?

Motivate them to be active?

Spark a life-long love for sports?

Testing child's physical skills via 9 simple and entertaining tests, we are able to:
• provide comparative skill analysis against peers (same age and gender)
• find the sports that match his or her natural talent
• evaluate the suitability for two sports as selected by parents

Over 300 000 children have already passed through the program in more than 10 countries.

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SportAnalytik event

A half day event organized in an entertaining way with the aim to test the physical skills of the children.


At the end of the event every child leaves with a personal evaluation, recommendation for most suitable sports and with the joy of newly discovered talents.

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Life-long love for movement

Joy of newly discovered talent

Motivation to be active

Selection of most suitable sport

Enthusiasm from team activity

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SportAnalytik Malta

Jan Cap
+356 99966208

I have been doing sport (of all kinds) since early childhood and I have always loved it.
I juggled different activities from ice hockey to football, basketball, until I discovered tennis at the age of 18 and tennis became a real passion for me.
Sport does not mean to me to be the best or the most competitive; but it means to have fun and take part. It represents a source of positive emotions and forms an integral part of my life.
I believe that the choice of the right sport is the key for the development and motivation of a child. For this reason I decided to launch SportAnalytik in Malta. Within this project I want to motivate children to do sport and experience the joy of physical activity. At the same time, being a father, I want to fight the negative trend of sedentary behavior and child obesity through the positive power of sport.
It goes without saying that parents have one of the most important roles in the sporting development of their children. Parents decide which sport their child should focus upon, and how much time their child should dedicate to that sport. During the sports day I will further discuss with parents the outcome of the analytical tests and explore the opportunities for their children in the selected sports.
I will gain great satisfaction from seeing the boy or girl who - thanks to recommendations of SportAnalytik – newly discovers and makes sport an integral part of his/her life.
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