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SportAnalytik event
The SportAnalytik event lasts approximately 3 hours during which the SportAnalytik team tests your child’s physical attributes with the aim to recommend the right sport for him/her. We want both the children and their parents to have fun during the day, therefore the sports day is organized in an entertaining way. 
Our aim is that children are happy and motivated by their newly discovered sports talent.

What is the price for the testing of the child?
The price for the participation at the sports day is EUR 50,- 

Payment conditions
The payment needs to be received on our account at least 24 hours before the start of the event. 
Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the start of the event.
In case of cancellation, 80% of the registration fee will be refunded.  

What will I get?
Basic Talent Report -  provides the outcome of the physical testing and evaluation of individual strengths of the child and compares the physical skills of the child with the peers tested (more than 300 000 children in our database). The report also provides training recommendations with the aim to improve the weaknesses of the child.

Basic Sport Report - provides the recommendation of 5 most suitable sports for the child and contacts for the clubs in the area of the residence of the child. The report also analyses a suitability of two sports selected by parents. 

Three hours of entertainment for your child.
Healthy snack for your child and much more.

Sample report: Talent Report, Sport Report.

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SportAnalytik event

A half day event organized in an entertaining way with the aim to test the physical skills of the children.


At the end of the event every child leaves with a personal evaluation, recommendation for most suitable sports and with the joy of newly discovered talents.

SportAnalytik event – children’s perspective

Gordon Asciak Malta’s tennis Champion for 13 years
„I experienced many times a situation in which the children were forced to do tennis even when they did not have the right dispositions for it. SportAnalytik testing is a great tool for parents and their children“

Photos from
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Melita Emco Sharp Shot Malta